Lumir C

Lumir C

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Lumir C is an LED lamp using thermal energy of a candle without any external power supply. Combining the delicate ambience of a candle with modern LED technology, Lumir C provides maximum illumination from a minimum of energy. Like a lighthouse that lights up a dark sea, Lumir C will comfort you with its bright and dependable light.

Simplicity: Just putting Lumir C over a lighted candle will turn the LED on.

No battery: Batteries have been causing severe pollution to environment. Eco friendly Lumir C doesn’t use any batteries so it is free from that problem.

Cordless: It doesn’t need any burden wire or outlets because your candle will make electricity instead. So you can use Lumir C anywhere you want such as in camping, on bedside or while decorating your house if you have just one candle.

Modern design: With our neat design, it fits everywhere.

 *Tip: Using your favorite scented candle with Lumir C will make you feel relaxed.

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